UFO Sighting Encountered Reptilian Figure

UFO Sighting was 120 ft. across with blueish light projecting downward in glow that stretched from entire underside. At first was clam shape, then upper middle expanded upward and showed 4 windows arranged evenly around dome. Reptilian "like" entity floated up to window facing us. It "spoke' to us by telepathic it then waved to us. the dome then retreated back into body of ship, then rose up to about 100 feet up, then slowly moved to east and disappeared. at 11:08 my father pulled into yard from work. He walked up and touched my mom on shoulder. she screamed and jumped then came out of  a "fog" and grabbed him tight. Our cat, who had been in moms arms screeched and leaped out of her arms. I looked at her and said "just do what they say and everything will be ok". mufon cms# 112207 Bucksport Maine 11/3/67 

UFO Alien Reptilian

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