UFO Sighting Encounter While Driving on Freeway WA

Black/Dark Grey stretched bell/bullet shaped UFO Sighting with sharp ribbing that reflected light hovering above freeway West of airport tower. UFO Sighting was straight ahead as I drove North. Dark contrast against cloudy skies. As I drove toward it I could see sharp edged ribs that tapered around the bell shape from top to bottom. Bottom was flat and the mid section tapered slightly in like an hourglass. It was about 10'-15' tall, 8' in diameter and no more than 130' above the highway. The UFO Sighting hovered and slowly rotated with a 10 degree tilt. May have wobbled or just would correct to 90 degrees from horizon and then back to 10 degrees to the East. I drove almost directly under it and tried to observe in the rear view mirror but it was to high. I caught a few more glimpses of it by turning my head. I was running late or I would have pulled over and tried to take some pictures. mufon cms# 116638 Washington State U.S 7/01/21

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