UFO Sighting Encounter Blackjack Mountain Video

UFO News: In July of 1982, eleven friends went camping at Blackjack Campground in a remote area on Catalina Island, off the coast of southern California. Around sunset a thick fog rolled in. Shortly later, the UFOs arrived. Three unidentified glowing objects approached silently and hovered in front of the witnesses. As the eleven friends struggled to understand what they were seeing, the temperature dropped dramatically. Somebody noticed that their watches had all stopped. Someone else discovered that their flashlights weren't working. Nor were their cameras. Then the show began. Beams of brilliant light flashed between the objects. Before long, one of the objects released other craft, which soon approached the witnesses. So begins an encounter which would change the lives of eleven people forever. It's a multiple witness UFO Sighting encounter involving multiple strange effects both electromagnetic and physiological. Catalina Island is located in a UFO Sighting hotspot. Many other encounters have occurred on the Island and in the surrounding area. The UFO Sighting encounter at Blackjack Campground is one of nearly 150 cases involving UFO Sightings and "USOs," unidentified submersible objects. If you'd like to dive deeper into this case and the UFO activity around Catalina Island, please check out, "Undersea UFO Base: An In-Depth Look at USOs in the Santa Catalina Channel." https://www.amazon.com/dp/1984340700/...

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