UFO Sighting Emits Hologram over Airport

I was laying out on St. Jean beach on the island of St. Barthelemy (in the french west indies), and I looked up to see a fixed-wing airplane departing from their small airport. As I looked in that direction, I saw a UFO hovering in place, above the beach toward the end of the runway. UFO Sighting did not move. The shape of the UFO was fixed, but barely visible, and it had finely defined cells that were transparent, as if emitting an image of the sky behind it as I could see the clouds as they floated past, as if they were being broadcast on the cells on the opposite side, facing me. UFO Sighting appeared invisible to the naked eye, and I had to search for it again when I took me eyes off of it. the cells appeared to serve a singular purpose to transmit what was on the other side from the viewer's point of view. MUFON CMS# Saint Barthelemy 6/23/10 Region has had 1972 Reported UFO Sightings to date.

Flying Saucer Shape UFO

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