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Q36 UFO Sightings non human experience
Q36 Do you believe that you possess information about advanced technology, advanced physics, or other scientific information that you have never read or learned in your normal environment? 925, or 42% of Experiencer's that have had UFO related Contact with Non-Human Intelligence said “YES”

THE DR. EDGAR MITCHELL FREE FOUNDATION IS CONDUCTING THE WORLD’S FIRST COMPREHENSIVE ACADEMIC RESEARCH STUDY ON INDIVIDUALS THAT HAVE HAD UFO RELATED CONTACT EXPERIENCES WITH NON-HUMAN INTELLIGENCE! http://www.experiencer.org/survey/Our Executive Director is Harvard Astrophysicist Dr. Rudy Schild. Our Research Committee Co-Chairs are 2 retired academic professors-- Dr. Bob Davis (Neuroscientist) & Dr. Jon Klimo (Transpersonal Psychology). All of our Phase 1 & Phase 2 research data and our research methodology is available in our FREE Website: http://www.experiencer.org/survey/

FREE is not a Ufology organization. We have zero interest in the "nuts and bolts" approach of analyzing pictures and videos of UFOs. Our mission is to investigate "What is Consciousness"-- the true nature of our reality-- by conducting comparative research on the Contact Modalities-- the Experiencer phenomena with non human intelligence through the diverse Contact Modalities (NDEs, OBEs, UFO Contact, Channeling, Remote Viewing, Hallucinogenic Contact, etc). For more information about our Experiencer Research Study or to review articles by our Ph.D. academics on the topic of how Contact ties into Consciousness and the Physics of Consciousness, please review our website: http://www.experiencer.org/

Our initial survey findings, based upon 600 questions and almost 3,300 survey responses, totally contradicts what is being circulated in the Internet and in the field of Ufology. credit Reinerio Hernandez

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