UFO Sighting Circular Craft reported 10/30/11 Sitka Arkansas

I just got back from my fishing season and was staying at my friends place. It was evening time and my friend and I just got back from the store, the house is located on the bay and is a two story building. As I was walking through the living room I noticed an extremely bright white light outside over the bay, at first I thought it was a reflection on the big bay windows but it seemed strange so I walked up to the window and cupped my hands on the window. It was then that I knew whatever I was looking at wasn't a reflection, star, or moon. It was absolutely unmistakable for anything else. This UFO craft was hovering about 5 or 600 ft off the water, it looked like a perfect circle and just sitting there, it was the brightest pure white I'v ever seen but not hard to look at, not like looking into the sun. As it just sat there a few moments and just as I was saying to myself, "what is this thing" it darted about 300ft to my left headed in a southwest direction, then stopped staying at an altitude of about 500ft. Then again shot strait towards the water back into the bay at a 45 degree angle right into the water, or so it seemed, it was just gone, no noise, splash, nothing that I could hear but I was inside. Every time it "jumped" or darted it left a tracer behind it sort of like if you wave a glow stick real fast at night it will leave streaks. I couldn't believe what I had just witnessed and ran over and got my friends from the other room telling them what I just saw but what I was surprised to hear is that right before we got back from the store my friends girlfriend said that she thought she had seen something darting around over the bay but when she approached the window she saw nothing. The UFO craft was at least in the area for 20 minutes, my viewing lasted no longer than 2 min. Next morning we were sitting outside on the porch drinking coffee discussing the sighting from the night before when we heard a helicopter getting louder and louder until we saw it flying right over the top of the house heading strait back into the bay where I sighted the UFO craft dart down into the water. I'v lived in this area most of my life and have never seen an all black chinook (double prop) military helicopter. For me this only added to confirm what we saw the night before. This is one sighting that was absolutely unmistakable for anything else. MUFON CMS # 74330 

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