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UFO Sighting Bright Geometric Arrowhead Shaped Craft Flying over Tacoma WA

Bright Geometric Arrowhead Shaped Object Flying over Tacoma WA

UFO Sighting Eyewitness report: It was a very clear night. I was on the 11th street bridge, watching the night sky, I began walking down Dock Street towards the Museum of Glass, when I saw a bright White/Blue light. The UFO Sighting looked to be like two triangles of light connected and waved side to side hundreds of feet at a time. The UFO was "swimming through the sky" It was distorted all around it almost like gravity was being distorted and pulled around it. I thought it was plane as this is a common route for planes heading to Sea Tac. It was completely quite the UFO Sighting headed north to almost the horizon line and stopped. It then descended straight down. I captured just a blip on my phone but the fact that it even showed up on my iPhone was impressive. I have no idea what this UFO was, it was way too low to be a satellite and was not a plane. UFO looked man made but was hard to see with the distortion and light. This UFO craft was definitely solid and seemed to be like an arrow head made of two triangles.! It was traveling extremely fast and I estimated at about 10,000 feet. I would love to hear if anyone else saw this! 

There were helicopters in the area I am not sure if they were chasing it or not due to the high traffic. source nuforc.org

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