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UFO Sighting Bluish White Craft Reported Leavenworth KS

Flashing UFO Sighting moving along set trajectory (not plane or satellite) bluish white flashes, very bright, no noise, randomly appeared/left

On back porch smoking a cigarette observing the stars. Out of nowhere, behind me an immensely bright flash of whitish/blue light catches my attention. At first thought it was a plane, a satellite, Hell I even tried to rationally think it was a lightning bug, but it was neither of those things. UFO Sighting would flash extremely bright, then disappear then along the same path would randomly flash again and continued to do this on the same path for about 10 minutes until I lost sight of it behind the tree line. 

I also at one point what saw a blueish hued tunnel of flashing light that happened when the UFO Sighting was about halfway across my view of the sky. Last but not least two orange orbs came into my eye view before losing view of the originally UFO Sighting. Leavenworth KS 6/05/2019

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