UFO Sighting 9-1-17 Tethered Spheres very low over the city video

UFO Sighting tethered white spheres over city reported 9-1-17

I was working at the table when I saw a strange UFO outside the window moving at a speed of a hundred kilometers per hour. I managed to turn on the camera and decided to record the video, there was not time for the pictures, although they had more resolution. The focal length of the lens is 90 mm diaphragm 5.4. When the UFO was clearly visible, the UFO Sighting suddenly disappeared from the field of view and the lens. The UFO moved in one direction and did not turn anywhere, I pointed the camera to the sky where it moved but it was not in it. I turned the lens back and also down and up but the UFO Sighting disappeared. mufon cms# 86397

View Tyumen RU. UFO Sighting mp4 Video Here

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