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UFO Sighting 4 Bright Barbell Shaped units no sound no jet stream Wilmington VT 7/13/16

UFO Sightings Bar Bell Shape Wilmington VT 71316

On July 12 at 1920 h r s . I an friend's we're jet skiing on the Harrimins Reservoir in Southern VT. As plain as day I spotted a UFO in the sky overhead I pointed it out to my wife an scrambled to get a photo. We attempted to use my phone but the battery died on us at this point I lost sight of the first UFO, I looked back an saw the next UFO come over the hill top shiny an shaped like a barbell it moved without any noise at a slow steady speed still trying to photo it. I showed my pal he was speechless I grabbed another phone an as I looked back another UFO appeared over the hill top same speed exact spot same distance this was number 3 UFO. I was at this point extremely shaken up. You don't see this every day in my world. So I took a breath an demanded we take a photo. Anne's phone was a bit of a pain but we took it just as the 4th UFO came over us. I'm sure that someone else sighted it also but no one came to us to mention it. It is funny how no noise came from any of the UFOs no jet stream, neither. We then saw a fighter jet following it's same path moment's later you could see the wings here the engine see the jet stream follow Wow I thought. No one would believe this but sure as the sun sets a group reported in new Hampshire seeing one of the 4 UFOs. I saw an took a photo Sure enough it was a match. Sense this I have become more aware of my surroundings an suggest that if you think we are the only ones on this blue Ball you might think again. mufon cms# 80569

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