UFO Sighting 1960 Incident USS Valley Forge

In 1960, a 21-year-old young man named Jim, joined the Navy and was stationed aboard the US Navy aircraft carrier, USS Valley Forge as an electronics specialist and a helicopter crew member of the HS-3 Hunter Killer antisubmarine squadron. While returning from the Mediterranean Sea to the United States, Jim and at least ten other crew members observed multiple unidentified glowing objects, UFOs, off the starboard bow of their ship. The UFO Sightings remained in view for nearly an hour, beginning a mystery that would leave a trail of unanswered questions. Jim soon learned two things. First, there was an apparent coverup of the event. Second, this incident was not just a simple UFO sighting, but involved direct contact, perhaps actual onboard UFO encounters. In fact, he himself had memories he couldn't explain. This video presents one man's amazing story about his participation in a multiple witness UFO incident on the USS Valley Forge, and how he came to realize that his sighting might actually involve an onboard encounter and face to face contact with ETs. Jim had a long conversation with the UFO people, and was given a profound and important message for all humankind, one which would have a profound impact on his entire life. If you'd like to look more about this case and other incredible firsthand UFO Sighting encounters, check out my book, "Inside UFOs." https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01MR5O9YB/...       


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