UFO Rising from the Ocean reported

A friend and I were going for a walk at the beach around 11-11:30 pm on 5/18/17. When we were close to the shoreline we both saw this red flare-like UFO light rising from the water as if it came underneath the ocean or it looked like someone had shot a flare gun in the distance on a small boat. There were no boats around. We knew this because the UFO Sighting was very close to us. We did not even see anyone at the beach but us. This red UFO light that left a trail behind like a small fire ball slowly raised to the sky as it expanded in size and form. This UFO Sighting looked like this giant orb with white glow around it as it had a shape of a torpedo. Suddenly the UFO Sighting stopped from going straight to the sky and started moving sideways. We were both freaked out and confused to what we were seeing. I have seen many weird/unidentified UFOs before but nothing ever compared to this. My friend and I took out our phones and recorded it as much as we can until it vanished into the sky. Being freaked out we both left the beach and went home. Till this day I have forgotten about the video and am currently trying to find it. My friend in the other hand I have not spoken to but I will be reaching out for that video. MUFON CMS# 107225 Manhattan Beach California This Region has had 1,0626 reported UFO Sightings to date.

Sphere UFO rising from water

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