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UFO News: Dr.Hal Puthoff Addresses the SSE/IRVA Conference. The third area, Unidentified Aerial Phenomena or (UFO), I have not published anything in. Why? Because the program I was involved in, in the Pentagon and in the intelligence community has been Top Secret, behind the scenes and only recently has there been release of information about the program. So this is the first chance that I’ve had a chance to actually appear before the public and speak about details of the program and not go to jail. So I’m going to go along at a rapid clip; I’ve got a lot of information here. So here we go.

The SSE is no stranger to the subject of UFOs. Unidentified Aerial Phenomena is just a new acronym for UFOs. Back a couple of decades ago Peter Sturrock  one of our founding members of SSE arranged with (Laurence) Rockefeller to hold a week long workshop at the Rockefeller residence. We brought in the best of the UFO researchers, and then a panel of independent experts, and had a week long discussion of physical evidence related to UFO Sightings of which there’s a significant amount of data. Laurence Rockefeller hosted the whole thing. It was a wonderful meeting. Continue reading below link.

Dr.H.Puthoff UFO Secret

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