The UFO Sighting witness stated the following: "Went out for a smoke and took pictures of the front yard, as I see frequent UFO activity and like to record proof. I have seen many UFOs that were far off but this was the first time anything has come so close. the craft came from the tree line pulsing multicolored lights. after a few seconds, two orbs came out of it and began to pulse/blink red. it was like they were trying to memos a large aircraft; however, I worked on c-17s in the air force and know that this is no aircraft. these crafts were moving slowly towards the neighbors and disappeared in the trees. I went to the backyard and observed them descend into the backwoods behind the house swampland. you can see the red orbs change from vertical to horizontal close to the end of the video." Source: MUFON/ UFO Stalker: Case Number 120202 https://ufostalker.com/sighting/120202

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