UFO Related Contact Experiences Video

Alberto is a retired DEA Federal Agent. He has a history of UFO sightings, numerous contact experiences with different types of Non-Human Intelligence (NHI), a Near Death Experiences, has had various OBEs. In addition, Human Looking "Masters" also taught him over many years about various lessons, including bout the death process, what is the spirit world, spirituality, brought to different dimensions, downloads of advanced physics, and numerous other lessons. Alberto talks about his Agreement with a Small Grey being to participate in a Grey Breeding Program over many years. Alberto talks about his healing ability, ability to see Energy Auras, missing time, various objects (statutes, swords, crystals, rocks, medallions, etc) that would appear in his home for a few hours or a few days and then some, but not all, would disappear. He talks about so many other examples of high strangeness. Most of these experiences were witnessed by his wife and some with his daughter. By the way, both are Ph.D. Psychiatrists.

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