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UFO reached us in 3 seconds from miles away reported Sedona AZ 6/9/16

My life partner and I set out tonight to consciously look for UFOs and to stargaze as we often do. Sedona is a dark sky city as well as one of the e.t. capitols of the world, so we often engage in long, late night drives in this place. We began our drive around 9:25 p.m. and did a loop of the Village, went to West Sedona, and then came back to the area in between the main part of Sedona and the Village (near the Chapel of the Holy Cross). We drove here for well over an hour. We saw several small UFOs which may have been shooting stars… the high number of them that we saw made it likely that a few were e.t. aircraft but I have no solid proof for this other than my own personal feelings. After we engaged in this behavior, we headed towards the Village on 89A. We were the only ones on the road for several miles and we were in between Cathedral Rock and Bell Rock. I could see Cathedral Rock’s shadowy outline out of the corner of my right eye slightly behind us. My partner (the driver of our car) spotted a very bright light off in the distance in the sky. From our vantage point it seemed to be hovering over the cliff walls to the right of Bell Rock (to the right when heading towards the Village). It also appeared to be 2-3 miles away. It was brighter than Sirius and Venus combined together and it just sat there motionless. It was impossible to immediately tell exactly how high it was but it was definitely far too low for an ordinary plane. My partner stopped the car in the middle of 89A (there was no one else around) and we stared at it… trying to discern whether it was a man-made craft or not. I began to get the feeling that it was not. It was definitely not a helicopter (no noise and it did not behave at all like a helicopter). I decided to go out on a limb and I yelled out the window (we had the windows and sunroof down), “I see you Family!” (This was in reference to extraterrestrials who I consider to be my “star family.”) The instant I said that, the white light became SO bright that I had to look away for a moment because it hurt my eyes… it was almost like whoever was inside the craft hit a switch that turned the craft lights on to full power. The white light appeared to be emanating from a dome shaped structure on the top of the craft. When I looked back a split second later, the craft was rapidly descending and heading straight for our car at astonishing speed. It reached us in about 3 seconds. Chris scooted the car forward a few feet since a tree was starting to get in the way (the breeze blew the branches into my line of sight). The craft sped SO quickly to us that it was almost scary. It was completely silent and flew at a very low altitude. It was pretty large and definitely not a drone. It was shaped almost like an upside down “Y” and had a definite triangular presence to it and we saw blinking lights in the corners of the “wings” as it literally came to a point right above our car. The craft slowed down above our car. It didn’t stop but it came at us with the seeming intention of letting us know that its passengers saw us. It started to curve over us a little bit almost like it was going to head towards Airport Mesa behind us. I turned to my partner to see their face (full of pure awe) and when I turned around to see where the craft went, it was completely gone. No man made craft can move that quickly and we had clear visibility from every direction for many miles. Even if the craft had shut off all of the lights, we would have still been able to see the outline due to a bit of back lighting from the uptown/west Sedona area (it is a dark sky city but if you are headed in the direction of the shopping/tourist areas there is a bit of light pollution). The craft was completely silent the entire time. My partner stated that if we had hit a baseball hard enough, we probably could have hit it. If it had flown towards Cathedral Rock it would have crashed into it because of how low it was. The fact that it shined its light as brightly as it could the minute I addressed it and the fact that it literally zoomed to our car like a little white fireball was extremely intriguing. My partner remembers a blue light, white light, and green light. I saw the massive white light and the green light, but instead of blue I saw a couple of red lights blinking. This may have been because my own vantage point was slightly different. My partner resumed driving because there was no point in just sitting there and when I looked at the car clock it said 11:11 p.m. on the dot which we found to be very synchronous. Everything was seen with our naked eyes. I had my partner draw a model of the craft we saw (very quickly) when we got home while the image was fresh. When we got home I instantly raced to the internet to look up triangle shaped craft… apparently it is one of the most common craft-types seen here in Sedona and some people have reported seeing e.t.s shortly after these types of sightings. There was a report made last year (much like what I have described) here in Sedona. The interesting thing is that it takes almost the exact path that ours did (except backwards… from Airport Mesa direction towards Cathedral) and is very close to the same location where our sighting occurred. That particular sighting also had several witnesses. Something very interesting to note is that the UFO sighting in that report that had several witnesses also occurred in June last year… around 10 p.m. MUFON CMS# 76990

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