UFO Photo Analysis verses UFO Contact Activism 3216

UFO Photo analysis is a major theme in Ufology but UFO contact activism is about some things more important.
J. Burkes MD

Contact work as I imagine it is about a relationship. Pictures are nice, UFO sightings too but having the UFO contact experience is so much more. Unfortunately the UFO subculture and society in general don't realize this yet. The transformation of consciousness that will empower us to end war and establish planetary social justice will take a long time, but in my opinion these are the conditions that will enable open contact.

We will need to develop spiritually as well as politically and that will require organization and a kind of commitment that has yet to manifest within the UFO subculture. Humanity is facing terrible times in which perhaps hundreds of millions of people will die of starvation and wars resulting from climate change. My guess is that the contact network is being prepared to become a social movement that will help people connect the dots. I could be wrong of course but this is the guidance that I offer and if others feel inclined to act, then I am with them.

Yes it often seems like a lonely struggle, but the contact network has many friends now, both here on Earth and I suspect in "higher places" as well. These are the relationships that will not only allow us to experience a profound sense of peace and solidarity during our close encounters, but will also give us the courage and determination to make a better world for future generations and ourselves.

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