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UFO News is immersed in a loop that never ends

UFO News 2017 Flying Saucers

Scathing new review of the current state of ufology, by veteran Spanish ufologist Vicente-Juan Ballester Olmos at link below. VJ's rather damning comments include: "Ufology not only fails to advance, it is a vicious circle. Today we see UFO news publicized on the Internet with the same old images of lens flares or aircraft contrails that seemed strange in the 1950s. Because there are no academic or authoritative criteria universally accepted, and no hard evidence that exists as a certainty, past mistakes recur over and over. Ufology is immersed in a loop that never ends". Scathing new review of modern ufology, by veteran Spanish researcher Vicente-Juan Ballester Olmos credit Isaac Koi

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