UFO Makes Contact with us in our car Rolla MO US 6/29/16

UFO Sighting Rolla MO 6/29/16

Witnessed UFO moving slowly toward us very large object, seeming to respond to our high-beam flashlight. It continued to spotlight back to us until directly over us, the light enormous. It was a bright golden/ amber color; The UFO appeared in these huge bursts like a star that would explode continuously above us. My husband would flicker the flashlight like Morse code. The UFO seemed curious and made no sound as it made several passes over us, seeming to lose interest. The UFO stopped it's light and suddenly vanished. There was some cloud cover that prevented us from seeing the craft in it's entirety. We filmed it but video picture would not capture anything. We stargaze often, especially moving north of the military base have we now seen craft we cannot explain. We understand the sounds and sights of military, commercial jets, small communicating, taxi lighting and drones. What made this special was the lack of noise, the size of the light and the apparent attempts at communicating. We were in awe, no fear. MUFON CMS#77504

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