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UFO Light Everything happened in fours Camphill PA

On January 7, 2017, again my dog awoke me in the middle of the night. This time she was wimppering. Again, I thought she had to go to the bathroom, so I took her outside in the back yard. She immediately ran around the pool four (4) times, without ever stopping to go to the bathroom, and then stopped in the middle of my yard. Facing the field behind my backyard, the dog stopped. All of a sudden, a bright UFO light appeared at the end of this field. It was perfectly round and was about the size of a house. The UFO light was hovering slightly above the trees. There was no origination point - either above, below, left or right - to this light. The light tiled downward and, at that point, the light appeared to be oval shaped. The edges of the light were defined, with no shadows or extending light from it. There were no noises or sounds. As a matter of fact, everything was unusually still and very dark that evening. I was frozen and mesmerized by this light source. My dog was also frozen - she did not move. The light lasted approximately 7 seconds and then disappeared quickly. As soon as the light disappeared, my dog ran to the front of the fence facing the front yard/street, and began growling. She growled four (4) separate times and then stopped. I immediately called for her and we went into the house. When I came inside I checked the clock. It was 2:24 am. I looked out the front window to see if I could see anything or to justify why she was growling. I did not see anything, but I did not go outside in the front yard. Honestly, I was scared at that point. When I awoke the next morning, my left forearm felt sore. I brought my dog downstairs and then looked at my arm. It was bleeding, swollen and red. The area that was swollen was about the size of a golf ball. Within this swollen area were four "bite marks." The four (4) red "bite marks" were positioned to look like a smile. Above this "smile" is one additional "bite mark" which is located above and in the center of the four (4) marks. The swelling is down and the redness is gone. However, as of 2/12/17, there is still one red "bite mark" on my arm. The spot still itches and is slightly raised. (see attached pictures) It feels like something is under this spot. When I awoke from sleeping, I realized I had fallen into a deep sleep. While it appeared as though I slept for a very short time, I felt as though I was completely rested. One final thought. . .everything during this event occurred in fours. mufon cms#82029

Camphill PA UFO Alien Bite Mark

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