UFO Lands in backyard Shelby North Carolina

Small "UFO" Unidentified Flying Object craft landed in my Garden at night leaving landing impressions like stands.This happened just after dark around 22:30. I saw a flash of light on my TV screen that was connected to an outside security camera. Which caught my attention. There were two lights on the ground in my garden that was about 100 feet from my house. I watched the light rise up to about 10 feet and the two turn into lights moving counter clockwise direction around a craft. The "UFO" craft was not big. Probably less than 10 feet across. Couldn't see a shape for the lights. It hovered up, back and forth, and then drifted off to the east into the wooded area and up into the sky. The next morning, I went to investigate any damage done to my garden and you could see some mashed vines and leaves where it had been sitting or hovering. Large round impressions about 12 inches, but not deep. nuforc.org Shelby North Carolina 7/2/2020.

UFO Craft hovering above eyewitnesses

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