UFO Disk reported over Silver City NC

I was driving down Epps Clark Road before coming to a stop sign at Silkhope Lynley Mill Road in Silver City North Carolina at approximately at 4:30 p.m. Tuesday January 21st 2020 I seen a metallic and silver UFO in the air less than 15 ft, it was big it was enormous it looked exactly like two plates over each other and it had a metallic and silver color and this UFO had writing on it that I never seen before in my life. I proceeded to get out of my car I was going to try to take a picture of this UFO Sighting. I seen my phone had 80% and it completely powered off I had good service and I had 80% on my phone and after I try to take a picture of it it completely vanished there's no way it could have been a weather balloon or could be a airplane a jet helicopter it had no sound from. This UFO Sighting was so big I'm surprised the Silver city or other airports didn't pick it up on radar or or military either know one else was around I don't do drugs or drink at all. This UFO Sighting was out of this word nothing like on television. Credit NUFORC

UFO Disk reported over Silver NC

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