UFO Descended Hovered & Landed

I am reporting a UFO Sighting that is of the same UFO craft as reported earlier. I was facing west when the UFO Sighting entered my view from the north. this was a little different than the other three sightings. I first noticed what I thought was a flock of cowbirds. but as I observed the object it seemed to level itself to the ground and I recognized it as the same Triangle or Boomerang shaped UFO I have seen before. It basically performs the same actions as before. It very slowly flew over the tree line although I've decided it was a mile away. It then stopped and hovered for a few seconds and then descended on down until sight was lost. Here is what happened that I hadn't seen before immediately following its apparent landing I notice movement in the sky above the area. It looked like a small star descending very slowly in a straight line to the exact place the larger craft had landed. This was the first time I had seen this UFO. I live near a Naval Air Base and a Lockheed Plant. I had been wondering if this was a prototype from Lockheed Martin Skunk-works. But seeing the other UFO it erases that probability. mufon cms# 108067/4/20/20/ Fort Worth Texas Region has had 5906 Reported UFO Sightings to date.

Hovering Disk UFO

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