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UFO and Military Jet collides over Lake Superior 1953

On the evening of November 23, 1953, Air Defense Command Radar detects an Unidentified Target "UFO"traveling over Lake Superior on a South-Eastward course towards American Territory. Nearby Kinross Air Force Base is alerted to the possible incoming hostile threat and an F-89-C Scorpion is scrambled to intercept and identify the fast-approaching Unknown. The American jet, piloted by 1st Lt. Felix E. Moncla, Jr. with 2nd Lt. Robert L. Wilson as radar/naval heads on a direct Northwest intercept course towards the UFO Sighting both of which are tracked as blips by Command Radar. What information was radio communicated by Lt. Moncla as he and Wilson closed in on the trespasser is not known. What is known is that the radar blips of the UFO Sighting Target and Interceptor appeared to merge and then disappeared suggesting a possible mid-air collision and/or crash. After the loss of targets, and a failure to respond, a massive search was then conducted of Lake Superior in an attempt to find the missing jet, the possible downed hostile, and any survivors. None were ever found - not even traces of debris. Thus occurred a great UFO Sighting mystery that remains unsolved to this day:The Kinross UFO Sighting Incident.Did the lost Scorpion Interceptor collide with a UFO? Or did a series of mis-identifications, communication failures, false radar images, and pilot error perfectly combine to create these tragic enigmatic events (as the Air Force would contend)? Claims of evidence to this mystery would occasionally surface over the subsequent decades (random aircraft parts washing ashore, bizarre underwater sonar images, etc.), but nothing conclusive has yet surfaced to solve what truly happened to Moncla and Wilson on that fateful night. Ultimately, what we do know, these many years later, is that two men disappeared and presumably died - while intercepting a UFO over Lake Superior on this date in 1953. Everything else is speculation. Graphic by Michael Huntington - November, 2017.

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