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UFO Alien The Masters of Illusions 33116

UFO Alien Masters of Illusion

At some level it doesn't really matter whether some of the visions that we receive are our imaginations or represent actual communications. Sweet dreams of contact are a manifestation of benign intent on the human side of the equation and make contact more likely in a host of ways. UFO Intel is the master of the illusion and they create belief systems based on their physical and mental encounters with humanity. They probably have been doing this forever and our major religions were possibly spawned by interactions with this otherness that we now call ET. Humans are quick to blame others for their misfortunes and the shadowy nature of the human-UFO intelligence relationship opens the door for all kinds of conspiracy theories. When we as a civilization put behind us such childish notions, when we create a world at peace with social justice, then open relations will likely ensue. How long will this take? That really depends mostly on us? Or we can continue to damage our environment and slaughter each other in wars. The choice is ours. Credit Joesph Burkes M.D

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