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UFO Alien Sightings Visitors Among Us Video

We have always wondered if we were alone. UFO Alien Sightings "visitors" have been reported for thousands of years, and for most of the modern era, we have categorized these sightings amongst "aliens", "ghosts", "demons", and others. What if by categorizing them we isolate the evidence and minimize its potential value for correlation, cross-connection, and - ultimately - understanding?

This presentation compiles some of the best videos of the supposed "visitors" and begs the question - are they among us? Footage includes ghosts at Walt Disney World, news reports of UFO orbs, glowing "sparklets" in the woods, creatures underground, and much more.

As a society, is it possible that we are conditioned to view such evidence in isolation? Does being aware of the multitude of possibilities offer us new avenues to explanation? Is it possible that the visitations reported for thousands of years - from ghost sightings and monsters in the woods to alien abduction and UFO spaceships - are all different manifestations of the same phenomenon dependent on who is the observer?

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