UFO Alien Sighting Telepathic Musical Tone Communication Atascadero CA

Atascadero CA Blue UFO Orb Sighting Photo 7-24-17

I was 4 years old ( in 1966) when I began speaking about my imaginary friend, Tony Smithenhouser. Tony was very, very tall with long arms and was a conductor or engineer on the railroad. He wore a special suit for work and a hat. Our property had a RR easement through it. Everyone in my family knew about my friend and would refer to him speaking to me whenever a train horn went off nearby. I HAVE ALWAYS LIVED BY TRAIN TRACKS! 
Tony would come to visit me during the night because trains were not very busy then. He would walk through our field and knock on my bedroom door 3 rapid knocks and a scrape. My door opened to the outside. Tony would tell me stories of far away places and promised me someday he would show me the snow...we rarely have snow in my area. I lost touch with Tony Smithenhouser somewhere around 12. Don't know why. 
His visits ALWAYS led me outside to look up at the night sky. I could feel comfort there. 
Fast forward to 1986 and I was still living in my parents home, but taking care of my mother, who had terminal breast cancer. It was in February and my bedroom flooded as the wind pushed the rainwater over the foundation and into my bedroom. I recall vividly when I propped open my door to the outside to air out the musky smell. I was using a towel to soak up the rainwater across the room when I stopped and froze. It felt like all the air was sucked out of my bedroom. No sounds at all. I felt a presence enter my room from outside. I heard communication within my thoughts, though not male or female. The sound was musical. I turned and saw 2 Alien beings unlike anything I'd ever imagine. These Alien Beings were hovering above the floor of my room, near the open door. Alien skin was pearlescent, and glowed white. Alien heads were hairless and their skull only slightly larger in width than ours would be. Their communication with me in musical tones that I somehow understood. There were only 2 Alien beings, one taller, both wearing flowing gown of white...very white. The taller being looked at me directly and asked me to trust it. The smaller Alien being outstretched it's 4 fingered hand, long fingers, no thumbs. My hand reached outward but did not touch the hand of the Alien being. Inches apart, my body elevated and we were hovering at the doorway. Was I comfortable? YES. We moved effortlessly, slowly down the long side porch, me hearing their communication all the while. We stopped. I was hovering above the ground. I was asked to look forward as far as I could see. 
Far from our house, in the middle of our 87 acre hay field was a UFO ship. It hovered above the ground. More Alien beings stood in hover formation as we glided toward the UFO craft. It was pleasant and familiar, as though I were once again with Tony Smithenhouser. I remember nothing after this except waking up in my bed, in my clothing and muddy shoes under the covers at 3:33am hearing that musical notes blaring in my ears. I felt panic and breathless. What happened? I knew it happened, was real. But WHAT and WHY? I fell asleep and missed work the next day. I Don't honestly recall anything after that. 

The music sounded much like Kitar, but slower and echoed. I was a willing participant. I was left with a pea sized lump under my left ear. Countless doctors, no one notices. I have a calling now to photograph the sun, moons, skies, clouds, planets. 
Last night I captured orbs, spheres and worm like craft. Beautiful! No trepidation felt. I enjoy the time behind the lenses. I have a genetic mutation disease called S.A.P.H.O. Syndrome. Came on suddenly in 2006. 82 specialists from Stanford to UCLA have no explanation or treatment other than for pain. I have photos, documents, labs, gallium scan fail, etc. Of the testing I had done from 2006 through 2014. Now I use energy and vibrational therapy to help. Interesting, no? mufon cms# 85356 UFO Alien Sighting occurred in Atascadero CA reported on 7/24/17

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