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UFO Alien Sighting Missing Time

I was staying overnight at my friends house were awakened early, told by friend's mother to go look for the dog, we went outside. it was a Sunday, no traffic, no one. bob went one way, I went the other way, walking down the center of the street, looked up and it was right there. UFO Sighting was a domed disk, about 10 ft above the street, I think I could have jumped up and touched it. The alien being had a window in the front, about ten feet from me, an alien being with a large head, eyes seemed not human, don't remember any blinking, ears or mouth, in a red suit, like a poncho without a hood, I could see him waist up, it had arms, couldn't see the hands. It stood there and looked at me. It looked at me, then looked over to it's right, at something else in the UFO craft, then looked at me, then stared off to it's right. This repeated for 15 minutes. A new community, trees were all small, UFO raised up to housetop level, one block from my house, could see my house. as the UFO hovered, it rocked back and forth a little bit as it was moving. I ran after it jumped fences cut my hand, so I stopped. UFO went about a mile, then it went out of sight over the tree line. after it left, I was in awe, walked back to bob's house, walked in the house, mom and 3 older sisters were sitting smoking & drinking coffee. They asked "where have you been?" don't know if I answered, but I went downstairs and went to bed. Because they asked me where I had been, it seems that I had been gone longer than I thought not sure of time lapse. I have only told my children and a few others; they looked at me funny. They had let the dog out, he didn't come back, so they had sent us to look for it. I talked to bob 20 or 30 years later, and he didn't hear anything about it, swore at me! he was agitated! I heard he had brain cancer. I just had heart valve replaced. MUFON CMS# 107368 Cottage Grove Minnesota US. 6/15/1968 This Region has had 1216 Reported UFO Sightings to date.

Silver Disk Shaped UFO

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