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Two UFOs caught on video during Military Rescue Mission

Two UFOs caught on video flying past military helicopter on rescue mission
DAILY RECORD March 25, 2018

"Jason Gleave, 46, who has studied the film using the latest computer technology, believes the UFOsare not drones or seagulls.The former RAF man, from Liverpool, said: "Upon analyzing the footage the twin UFOs pass to the rear of the helicopter at high velocity and dangerously close.The video of the mystery UFO Sighting has been closely studied using the latest computer technology (Image: Cascade News)"Other theories as to what they could be are possible drones or even birds, but unlikely drones because they would not normally operate in such a close dangerous proximity to the rescue helicopter, due to the volatile unpredictable weather conditions."The UFO sighting was captured by a local television news company who had been covering the dramatic events."DAILYRECORD.CO.UK credit S.Agermose

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