Two Metallic Ball UFOs California

My husband kids and I saw a couple of UFOs shaped like Balls right next to each other, what looked like Metallic Balls that reflected a bright light when the light hit it. We lost eye contact of one but kept on with the other. UFO Sighting hovered for a long time in one area with slow movements in different directions. I started filming and could not tell if I was capturing anything. Went inside for about 20 minutes came back out and found it on the other side of my house. was able to take a picture. Once I zoomed into the video from earlier I can see multiple objects when I could only see one with the naked eye. Later once back inside I saw what I thought was a plane and thought ya see that as clearly a plane. To my surprise it changed direction and went from right to left then forward out of sight. Could not get that on camera it was gone before I could unlock my phone. The day before on the freeway around where I live. I had a similar UFO Sighting of a Bright Ball of Light almost like a star but much bigger and brighter and that one zoomed out of sight. I was shocked to see things two days in a row. mufon cms# 110246 Covina California 7/18/2020 Submitted UFO Video not able to link

Sphere Ball UFO

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