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Two Massive Black Triangle UFOs lands on Alaska Property

Sutton Alaska Two Black Triangle UFO Sightings reported 11/15/17

UFO Sighting occurred on 11/15/17 over Sutton Alaska: I know I saw a UFO but I do not think it was Alien. I was on my property in Alaska and I saw some lights by my house. I got very worried because I left my daughter at home to visit my neighbor. Also, we are very rural and these lights were not supposed to be there so that worried me too. They were big and looked like they were in the fields next to my hill. There were two massive UFO triangle shaped craft. At first I thought they were alien craft. they were amazing. I jumped in my jeep and sped toward them and to my house to defend my house. When I arrived the UFO triangle shaped craft started to rise to about 1000 ft pretty fast. Nothing out of this world type of fast, but fast. I couldn't find my phone so I grabbed my tablet and took some bad video. That sucks, but at least I have it. Anyway, I got very quiet and I heard a very faint jet engine. This made me think it was man made. At that moment these UFOs started moving forward and the red blinking lights of normal aircraft switched on. It was very cool. I caught some really cool top secret craft. So, those triangle? They, as far as what I saw, are ours. Very cool. I think they were testing and I spotted them. mufon cms# 88052

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