Two faintly visible star-like UFOs sighted over Olathe KS U.S.

Star like UFO Sighting report Olathe KS U.S. 8/12/17

UFO Sightings Report: I went in the back yard of my house in Olathe, KS around 9:40 p.m., Saturday night, August 12th, in hope of seeing a meteor during the Perseid Meteor Shower. After staring in the NE sky for a short while, I saw a brief bright white flash about the size of a planet. Afterward, I could faintly see two star-like UFOs. After a few seconds they disappeared. However, approximately 30 seconds later there was another brief bright flash in the same location. Once again I could faintly discern two star-like UFOs. Suddenly, one of the UFOs accelerated to an incredible speed and disappeared from view to the SW behind a tree in my yard. Approximately 45 seconds later, the second UFO began moving slowly to the north. It slowly made a counter-clockwise U-turn then also accelerated an incredible rate of speed to the SW and also disappeared in less than a second. 

I can't estimate the height of the UFOs but they were high--at least 10,000 feet or more. Their speed was incredible--10 times faster than any meteor/meteoroid or conventional aircraft I've ever seen in my life. While it's just a guess, based on their estimated height and distance, they had to have gone from zero to around 5,000 mph in a millisecond. They went so fast they became a streak across the sky. 

I couldn't believe what my eyes were seeing. My first reaction was awe, the second wonderment as to who/what could be piloting these UFOs, and the third was fear. I hoped they weren't aware of me but some reason felt they were. I was shaken by the experience. 

I have been a MUFON Field Investigator (#19371) since 2011. cms#85886

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