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Two Cylinder UFO Sightings Occurring on same day over U.S.

Cylindrical UFO Sighting moving against the wind, no visible control surfaces. First UFO Sighting occurred on Monday August 19. Around 4:35 p.m. Saw a cylindrical UFO just east of Tonkawa, OK flying north to south. UFO Sighting appeared to be like an aircraft fuselage but without wings or tail fin. As I observed the UFO move to the south I got a view down it as well, still showing no wings. The UFO was grey; a little reflection but not much. Altitude would be a guess but I’d say under 10 k ft. Speeds appeared like an airliner would have. No contrail, no noise. Could have been a balloon but it would have been trucking it on a calm wind day. Winds were from the south as well.

Second UFO Sighting Silver, shiny cylinder shaped UFO Sighting with no noise, no wings, no lights in Creston, NC.

On August 19, 2019 at approximately 7:02 p.m. ET in Creston, NC, I saw a silver cylinder shaped UFO about the size of a bus moving through the sky from a northeast direction toward a southerly direction. No noise, no lights, no wings. It was moving quickly and although the skies were cloudy, there were intermittent breaks in the clouds where I spotted this “thing”. I watched it until it disappeared into a cloud. Some months back, I saw an UFO which looked the same on two different occasions, but there were two of them at that time. One went over followed by another one shortly thereafter which looked identical. The first time the objects were going from a southerly direction toward the northeast. The second time I saw them, which I believe was the next evening before dark, there were also two of the UFOs going in the opposite direction. One following the other with a good distance between them so as both were not visible together. Someone posted a picture from California on this site which I saw and it looked the same as the UFO Sighting I saw.

two cylinder shaped UFO Sightings reported on same day

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