Two Cylinder Shaped UFO Sightings reported 1-19-18 Mammoth Lake CA

Cylinder Shaped UFOs Sighted over Mammoth Lake CA 1-19-18

Latest UFO Sighting occurred on Jan.19th 2018. We were driving north on 395 towards Mammoth Lakes CA almost near the Mammoth exit. I was looking at a plane above noting how remarkable the contrail looked with the colors in the sky the plane heads West over mountains. Suddenly a Cylindrical UFO appears and its much much larger than the plane I just saw. The Cylindrical UFO flies faster than the plane did, heading north west. Second UFO appears directly parallel to first UFO. Both UFOs changed into an orb shape. 1st UFO heads slightly perpendicular to 2nd UFO and disappears suddenly. 2nd UFO Sighting continues north west but turns slightly more westward. 2nd UFO Sighting radiates massive bright light. 2nd UFO Heads away quickly still shining and disappears after a few minutes. mufon cms# 89681

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