Two Cigar Shaped UFO Sightings Appeared over Cottleville Montana U.S.

Black Cigar Shape UFO Sightings 2017

I was outside doing yard work. I'm always looking up, day or night. I looked up at the clouds, early afternoon (1:30pm CST). I saw a cigar shaped light colored (white?) UFO heading South from the North toward a cloud. I then see a dark UFO heading from below, assuming from the East, but definitely from below, toward the same cloud. I was thinking the dark UFO was a large bird, just gliding. The UFO Sightings were similar in size from my viewpoint. I just assumed the white one was further away, since I thought it to be a plane. I saw the white UFO enter the cloud. I then see the dark UFO enter the cloud. I then see the white UFO leave the cloud back in the direction it came from, back toward the North. I continue to watch for the dark UFO, and do not see one. I glance back to the white UFO, it is continuing on. I look back to the cloud, and watched it disappear as it blew it's way South over the next few minutes, never seeing the dark UFO again. I did look to the direction the white one was headed in, but I didn't see anything. What I viewed for rate of speed for the white one was seemingly no different from first site to end of site. I can only say I thought it was a plane for the rate that it was going. I informed the person doing yard work with me of what I had just seen. Since they were not looking up, they had not seen anything. They stated, "They're always watching." I was amazed I had seen something during daylight hours. I am sure that was not an airplane or a bird I had seen. I then immediately typed a note so as to not leave out details. In hindsight, it was odd to not hear sound-for as many planes that I see at what appears to be that high of an altitude, for the size that it was, there was no 'plane' noise. Considering it went into a cloud, the altitude was much lower than I had assumed. I'm realizing how many wingless planes I've seen over the years. mufon cms# 84932 UFO Sightings occurred on June 24th 2017 over Cottleville Montana U.S.

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