TV Documentary UFO Town about UFO Sightings

Is it possible that a TV documentary about UFOs can be both interesting and accurate? Get your satellite dishes tuned to CBC TV in Canada tonight.  UFO Town details the remarkable Guardian UFO case from Carp, Ontario, Canada, from the 1990s, long claimed by UFO experts as a real UFO crash, retrieval and cover up by military forces from two countries. The producer has done a fine job of tracking down original witnesses, materials, and even a relative of someone who may have been behind the elaborate hoax.
Yes, this documentary film is about a sensational UFO case, but is riveting in its investigation of the actual facts, as if solving a mystery - which it does.
Some of the original investigators are profiled as they describe how they traveled to the alleged crash site and interviewed witnesses of UFO sightings linked to the case by TV shows such as Unsolved Mysteries. UFO Town tells a good story, and may be one of the best UFO documentaries produced in a long time.
credit Chris Rutkowski

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