Triangular UFO Sighting with smaller triangular features 7-30-17 over interstate 81 photo

UFO sighting Triangle Drawing Greenville TN 7-30-17

While driving to Pigeon Forge my girlfriend had a UFO Sighting. I thought it was just the cellphone tower with a red light in the distance, then corrected her. She then told me that I wasn't looking at the correct thing. I then noticed about 100 meters above the surface was an UFO object with slow rotation, and white blinking lights on each appendage that pulsed slowly across the two. The UFO was triangular or square, though a rotation was present I didn't get to see a full rotation, and only one light was active at a time. In the centre of the UFO was a large sphere, which seemed to produce some sort of plume that extended roughly 5 meters from the sphere. The appendages only produced the white lights from what seemed to be greyish circles. The UFO was shaped somewhat like a pyramid, with convex sides, like the attached drawings. On the exterior of the UFO, the triangular features seemed build up to the sphere in an overlapping pattern, and did the same but inverse on the inside leading up to the sphere. Imagine there's more layers of triangles overlapping in the attached (poorly drawn)drawing. That convex shape on the sides is nicely displayed, though. The drawing is of a top view. 

The UFO "Unidentified Flying Object" approached relatively fast. The speed of my vehicle was around 75 MPH the whole way. While the vehicle approached at about 60 m/s, it slowed to about 25 m/s once it reached me. It seemed to follow a straight path in my time observing it. When I wasn't able to focus on it, my girlfriend noticed it's closest point was about 200 metres from us. At this point it appeared to be about 15 metres in diameter. My girlfriend pointed out that it flew over the road, then simply vanished once we had driven about half a kilometre from the closest approach. 

Personally, I'm an avid rocketry nerd. It somewhat comforted me to know that that could have been an extraterrestrial vehicle, regardless of the chances. I'm sure others may have had a different reaction. I simply wished that I could study it, and it peaked my curiosity my whole journey. As for my girlfriend, it was a mixture of fear and excitement. mufon cms# 85494 UFO Sighting occurred on July.30,2017 over the area of Greenville TN. U.S. 

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