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Triangle UFO Sightings reported 2/1/16 Chicago Illinois Video

UFO Sighting Eyewitness states: Was driving due east when I noticed a low flying single engine airplane at a low altitude..this is unusual in the my highly populated area (oak park IL) this was at 545 am as I was driving to work. Seeing the low flying aircraft caused me to scan the sky as I was stationary at a stop light. I then noticed that off in the distance due east and to the south I saw a large series of UFO orbs that were forming a V formation. The UFO lights were very bright and constant(silver whitish lights). They were above Lake Michigan not moving just stationary in this constant V formation. At this point I had entered onto Interstate 290 head east toward Chicago IL. The UFO V formation was still due East and to The south above the lake. These were not aircraft lights of any type. They maintained that formation for my entire journey(5 min apprx). the UFO orbs that formed the V was made up of 4 glowing balls of silver/white light and appeared to be at least 100 feet apart from each other.I videoed the lights with my iPhone ..I lost sight of the UFO as I exited to get to my place of business my field of view was obstructed by the multi story buildings and trees in Chicago why the UFOs were unusual is because they were so bright and the formed such a usual pattern..I am very use to seeing airliners and helicopters as a part of my daily existence and these were highly UNUSUAL!! I felt shocked perplexed and excited by what I was seeing ..the classic expression of I can't believe my eyes comes to mind.. large triangle pattern UFO orbs stationary off to the south east above Lake Michigan. Date of sighting: February 1, 2016 Location of sighting: Chicago, Illinois, USA Credits: MUFON  

View Triangle UFO Sighting 2/1/16 Chicago Illinois Video Here

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