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Triangle UFO Sightings Daily Over Pascagoula MS

Triangle UFO reported Pascagoula MS 10-02-18

I watched this UFO Sighting on the flight deck of the LHA-7 at the shipyard and the UFO was as bright as a star and as I was going off the ship it was coming back towards the ship I was on so I went back across the crossing and waited for it to come back this way to verify that what I was seeing was real. When the UFO came back it clearly was in the shape of a triangle with two distinct red light's at the bottom as if it were the propulsion system but it was flying to fast as if it were breaking the sound barrier without sound and I ran back to tell the guy to look at this bright sphere UFO and sure enough it came back and he said the same thing it was no plane or drone. UFO kept traveling back and forth and when it came back into clear view the bright lights cut off as if it were trying to hide itself but as it got closer you could clearly see the under body of the UFO it had white lines going across the bottom connected to the red lights that I had seen. So I knew it was a propulsion system of some type. Somebody needs to come out to Mississippi to investigate this phenomenon because this is happening on a regular bases now in the same place at different times and yes this has happened twice now. It was a beautiful phenomenon. I actually felt at ease about it which is crazy. I didn't feel strange or weird I was thinking more like this should have been on the news. nuforc.org

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