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Triangle UFO Sighting reported Parkland FL

UFO Sighting Witness reports driving down the road, heading north towards his home. The stretch of road was long and went straight for a few miles. He noticed blinking lights in the sky which he thought at first to be a light pole but it was actually moving slowly ahead of him. The UFO Sighting kept an exact path with the road and had two lights in the middle of it that blinked simultaneously. The lights were a very bright white. Witness knew that this was not an airplane since airplanes lights just do not blink that way. The UFO Sighting would go pitch black, then light up again in intervals of about 4-5 seconds. He continued to follow it down the road, but all of a sudden it flew way ahead of him. Case under investigation but this much has also been noted: UFO kept pace with or hovered in front of driver’s car for a time, while appearing 30 degrees above horizon. It was described as being triangular, from 30-100 feet in size (not sure what dimension this refers to), flashed sequentially, emitted no noise, was under 500 feet in altitude, and from 500-plus feet to a mile distant (not a CEI). At one point it was over power lines. There were two witnesses and sighting duration was five minutes. [Parkland is 250 SE of our nodes at Pinellas Park and Largo] (MUFON CMS, 97770) UFO Sighting occurred 1/14/19

Triangle UFO Sighting reported 1-14-19 Parkland FL

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