Triangle UFO Sighting on Highway 41 Minnesota

I was traveling south on highway 102 on my way to Fertile, Minnesota 5/2/19. As soon as I came the intersection to turn to highway 41. I seen a UFO in the distance in the middle the highway about seven miles from me. The UFO Sighting had two bright orb style lights that were very large. As I approached the UFO the top of it started changing colors kind of like a jellyfish. I then started to get very close to the object and realized the light did not make any reflection so iridescent. Then preceded to drive under the UFO at about 30 mph. As I passed under it I could see the outline of mass of this UFO. This was a very large UFO Sighting that did not make any noise which was very strange too me. After I passed it on the highway it disappeared. The next few day was extremely ill and could not hold any food down. These resulted in me loosing 12 pounds.

Black Triangle UFO Sighting Highway 41 MN.

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