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Triangle UFO Sighting at 50 feet over London Ontario

UFO News Today: Roger Marsh A Canadian witness at London, Ontario, reported watching a silent, triangle-shaped object just 50 feet off the ground, according to testimony in Case 92445 from the Mutual UFO Network. UFO Sighting Report reads as follows“I just felt really numb, stunned. It was definitely a ship of some sort, and so black it stood out from the night sky. It had lights on the bottom of it, along the edges, I think seven in total. One at the peak and three down each side. They were not obviously bright but casting a white glow, seemed to be dome-shaped almost, rather than flush against the surface. UFO Sighting was flying really low, right over our heads. Perhaps 50 feet up. It was moving rather slow, totally smooth, and was completely silent. UFO Sighting had a solid outline and distinct triangle shape, but the body was also moving. UFOs body reminded me of a Rubik’s cubic with the square parts rotating forward in some sort of perpetual kinetic motion. I was so shocked I couldn't speak.” credit F.Stalter   Triangle UFO spotted at 50 feet over London, Ontario

Triangle UFO spotted at 50 feet over London Ontario

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