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Triangle UFO Sighted Emerging from water Port Chariotte & Englew Florida

Black UFO Triangle sighting Rochester MN US 10/1/15

I was fishing on a popular local fishing spot on a pier that was directly underneath a bridge. I was with a couple of people that night and decided to move away from them and go to the very end of the pier which turned out to the right, right towards the water so I could catch some fish. Also to let you know that we were the only ones at this pier that night and where I was fishing was a pretty distance away from the two people I was with and since the pier was very long & it was extremely dark that night no one could see me. This is also because of the way the pier was built. It is very long and where they were fishing was located in the very beginning of the pier and I was to the very end of it so we couldn't see each other at all. Anyways, as I cast my rod put in the water I noticed the water straight ahead of me start to move (but not creating any waves or bubbles)To describe it think of throwing a stone in water how there's rings that is created by the stone and I could see a lot of rings start to appear in front of my eyes. On this particular night the moon was extremely bright and made water glow as well and it made the water directly in front of me very clear so, I was able to see clearly on this night. As the rings on the top of the water start to appear the Triangular Shaped UFO submerged directly out of the water without making a single splash. I was shocked and in disbelief as to what I was witnessing and seeing with my own two eye's! After it was completely out of the water it hovered directly over the water and moved in an upward direction directly above where in submerged from .At this time I'm going to make a guess that it was about 7-10 feet hovering above the water and then I could see this spot light type of beam of light started to shine from it and the spot light was moving around pointing it on the water and slowly moving around like it was scamming the area?. My first impression was that it was searching for something but, I'm not sure what it was that they were looking for. What ever it was looking for they continued for what seemed like a very long time. The spot light that was coming off of this Rectangular Shaped UFO and it was scamming the ocean water as if it was looking for something very important, it did this for awhile I'd say about 15 nibs or even longer. I wasn't really checking the time because, I was do shocked and at the same time amazed at what I was seeing! Whole I was watching the UFO all of a sudden like in half a spit second this huge UFO was gone it just vanished! As I was just standing there in complete disbelief when out of a sudden I heard this high pitched sound and my head started to hurt,the pain in my head was the worst pain I've ever felt in my entire life! It literally felt like my brain was going to explode!!!!! I was pretty confused and was left standing there trying not to cry because, whatever was happening to my head and brain was incredibly difficult to deal with. Just by chance while holding my head in my hands I happened to look up above me (not really sure why I did this) but guess what was there? If you guesses the UFO,then you're absolutely right! This UFO was massive in size and was at least three stories high in height and and this huge see through dome over it. I was able to see inside of this UFO ,it had computers and lights all over the place, it looked like something out of a science fiction movie! And all along the dome as if it were there window's of the UFO stood these little children . I could see everything and everyone inside very clearly too. I was not drunk or on drugs either. I am a very honest person and I take pride in that about myself too! The reason why I kept this to myself was because, I was scared to talk about it.In fear they would come back and in fear of what people would say to me too. Are not we all?!?!Anyways, as I looked at these kids they all looked to be about the same age and their faces all looked the same too! Then I seen there clothes too they were all very dull in color or should I say they were colorless, that's describes it better for you to understand better. I got scared when they looked down at me and stared at me with their eyes that were BLACK in color!!!!!!!when I seen this my heart went straight to my feet! And did I mention what else was inside the UFO???? There was giant's inside it! Yes giants! These creatures looked human except for their height, they stood at least 15 feet tall at least!And that's my guess, it could of been taller I'm only guessing so you can visualize what I was seeing. These giant's were doing something in the back where all the electronic devices were at. That's when I started feeling like I was in danger! I had this gut feeling that I was going to be abducted and the fear and panic took over me. I quickly started praying out loud and as I was doing this I could see these giant's walking back and forth as if they were nervous about something. And they looked at me with a strange look on their faces as if they were scared made nervous and angry all at the same time! After saying a prayer and asking God to protect me from these evil creature's (I could feel the evil from them ) I honestly believe they are demon's and not sure if the kids were of this earth or if demonic or possessed but after I said the prayer all of a sudden BANG in a flash this craft was gone! I scammed the area and sky but I couldn't see anything around me and I couldn't help but to feel relieved and safe again. I know without a doubt God saved me from an abduction! I'm 209% positive about this too! Why else would no one else see this UFO besides for me? The two people with me thought I was trying to joke around with them until I started to cry in fear these creatures would come back!I think they wanted to believe me but,the story sounded to crazy to be real! Anyways I already knew that most if not all people wouldn't believe me. I'm even willing to take a lie detection test, if needed for you to believe me! I REALLY NEED PEOPLE TO KNOW IF EVER YOU SEE A UFO SAY A PRAYER RIGHT AWAY. I FELT LIKE THEY COULDN'T TOUCH ME BECAUSE OF MY PRAYER. THIS IS ALSO WHAT MAKES ME BELIEVE THAT THESE CREATURE'S ARE EVIL AND DEMONIC IN NATURE. THEY ARE FROM HELL NOT FROM ANOTHER PLANET, WAKE UP AND KNOW THE TRUTH, THESE THINGS AREN'T GOOD AND I KNOW FROM MY EXPERIENCE THAT THEY FEAR GOD AND GOT ANGRY WHILE I WAS PRAYING! THIS STORY IS 100% THE TRUTH, I DON'T LIE AND I PRIDE MYSELF ON THIS TOO! I'VE ALSO EXPERIENCED OTHER UFO'S AND SEEN OTHER THINGS THAT IF I DIDN'T SEE FOR MYSELF I WOULDN'T EVER BELIEVE TO BE TRUE! mufon cms# 79671

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