Triangle shaped UFO spotted for the second time 6/12/16 Utah

I posted on here before about when my friend and I were at my pool and saw a UFO circle us 3 times, and last night I was with my sister who is a skeptic, it was around 11 pm and we were having a late night swim. She was swimming laps and I was floating on my back looking at the stars, there are a lot of lights in my area so you can't see a crystal clear sky. But I noticed something flying at a rapid rate directly above my pool, and it was almost like it was stirring up the water. I tried to show my sister but she didn't see it, I was very upset because she thought I Just saw a bird. However, it appeared to have made a large circle and was passing over us again, this time slightly closer.

You could see the lights, and it looked like a very fat V. My sister saw it this time, and since I'm a huge UFO fanatic I was really excited and got out of the water. We lost sight of it, and saw it once more before we left. The UFO was a very dull color, but keep in mind it was night, and there were yellow lights on was most certainly not a plane or a bird. I thought it was strange though, I believe that was the exact same UFO I saw with my friend a few years ago. My family and I have witnessed many UFO sightings, the weirdest one was a UFO we saw in WA on vacation, it was the size of a 15 passenger van except circular and jet black, hovering about 10 ft over a n apple orchard. I would love to be a UFOlogist one day, they absolutely fascinate me. Anyways, I hope this story helps someone understand if they've seen something strange. MUFON CMS# 77024

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