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Tom Delonge UFOs SEKRET MACHINES Feature Film


The SEKRET MACHINES Feature Film (PART 1) has officially launched and on its way to greatness. I’d like to introduce our screen writer, Eric Kirsten, who just days ago finished the 1st script from our Historical-Fiction Motion Picture Franchise, Sekret Machines. This film will depict real UFO events that have transpired over the past few decades, and how mankind was pushed to do not only the impossible, but to also envision itself in an all new reality during the process. The script gives the chills, and I constantly tell Eric he has crafted not only a story that is unnerving, but also nail-biting and informative all at once. In Eric's kind words, There was no way I could pass on an opportunity to work with an artist like Tom, especially on a project that stands to not only entertain, but hopefully change the entire conversation around unexplained aerial phenomena UFOs" We expect the film to go into Preproduction this year. Hold on tight, the world has a wake-up call headed its way. To have ownership in this film, or in the TTSA film studio (To The Stars Academy) you may invest on line at ToTheStarsAcademy.Com source Tom Delonge

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