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Tiny Black UFO emitting oval double exhaust plume St.Louis 6/7/16

UFO Sightings Report St.Louis June.7,2016:  A female companion and I were about to enter my automobile on a parking lot. She sighted what appeared to be a flare hovering in the western sky as the sun was setting. As we watched, two jets flew nearby the UFO, one from the north, the other from the south. They each seemed to continue on their individual trajectories, though, and did not necessarily seem to be trailing the UFO

After a few minutes, the UFO began traversing the sky, appearing to ascend as it headed due east. It flew directly overhead. As it approached, we could distinguish that it was black and seemed somewhat triangular, as nearly as we could discern. We realized that the tiny black UFO was emitting a two-pronged oval shaped flare.

Interestingly, as the UFO flew directly above us, I could continue to see that it was a tiny black UFO, but there were no longer any exhaust plumes. Gradually the object disappeared as it headed east. 

Neither of us is claiming that this was definitely an extraterrestrial craft, but it was certainly out of the ordinary. We could easily see that the UFO was black, and its exhaust plumes were yellowish and oval-shaped. 

Perhaps this is my imagination, but I had the oddest sensation that the UFO seemed somehow to linger with me. My companion did not get quite the same feeling, but became increasingly disturbed (but not exactly frightened) as the evening wore on, not less. I don't want to overly emphasize the feelings we had, because the imagination can play tricks, but we are absolutely sure about the physical details. This could well have been some sort of military or experimental craft. It was interesting that its flight path seemed to take it directly over our heads. As nearly as we could tell, the UFO was quite high up. We took photos, but they are very vague. Mine only shows a slight yellowish glow in the sky. MUFON CMS# 76889

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