Three Silent Black Triangle Craft

Flew over and did a loop in a formation before flying over the mountains. A friend and I were sitting outside on the deck for lunch. I looked up and saw three triangle craft flying in a tight formation through the clouds directly over us. We watched as they flew North and did a loop as a formation at a lower altitude below the clouds. They each looked similar to a B-2 bomber but not with the same points in the middle rear of the UFO. They looked like just a flying wing and they were black with a little brown underneath. When they did the loop they turned to a shiny, white color in the sun and then back to black as they completed the loop. They stayed very close to each other but were moving around as they flew. Their flight characteristics were different than any jet I had ever seen flying before though still similar with a general forward direction. They seemed to be shaky and slightly erratic. After the loop they descended and broke formation slightly and then flew North until we could no longer see them. We never heard any jet engine or other noises and they did not leave a contrail or exhaust. The whole sighting lasted less than two minutes. mufon  Granby CO. 5/12/20

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