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This Amazing UFO Sighting took place over two nights Palm Harbor FL.

This UFO Sighting took place over two nights over Palm Harbor FL. First night 5 UFO's were seen, two different types. The second night 1 UFO Sighting night before and a different type. September 5th and 6th, 2016 Monday, September 5th, 2016 at 10:15 PM-EST Walking just out front of my home, late in the evening on September 5th, 2016, I witnessed a huge cylinder UFO come flying in from the north. Firth one, then another, with an egg shaped UFO Sighting tailing behind, as if it were an escort. After calling my sister and telling her of the event, another cylinder UFO flew in, followed by another egg shaped UFO. The cylinders were multi-colored, with light blues, greens, yellows and orange but they were unlike the colors we see coming from an airplane, in that they were softer, glowing lightly around the edges while bright in the center. The colors looked like plasma rolling all around the UFO as they flew in from the north. Just above the tree-lines and buildings along i-19 headed South.

From my view the cylinder UFOs were approximately 80-100 ft in length. The egg shaped UFO lights were glowing in the same way but were all white and much smaller. approximately 20-30 feet round. The first UFO flew in, then the second UFO just seconds behind it. Then an egg shaped UFO followed behind them. The whole experience lasted about 8-10 minutes. With the call to my sister taking maybe 2-3 minutes, then another cylinder UFO came in and then another egg shaped UFO. Tuesday, September 6th, 2016 at 10:15 PM-EST Moving in from the north, this UFO first came in like a huge comet. All white, looked to be a comet that could of wiped out the earth if it had hit! It had to be more then 1000 Feet came in like a ball of energy while trailing the light behind it. Right before my eye, this huge comet transitioned into a very large UFO, it could of been miles in length, that had points of lights that looked like stars, seven that I could see and they formed a machine that had multiple triangles that resembled a photon.

It moved in the same flight pattern as the UFOs the night before, moving north to south along I-19. Within seconds a smaller egg shaped UFO followed behind in a pattern just west of the UFO but moving south as well. Over the two night period I witnessed, seven crafts in total, with 3 different UFO's. The cylinder, egg shaped and pointed star, all three of which I have never seen before. The lights did not burn the same as an airplanes, they were dim yet brilliantly glowing. I tried to capture a video the second night, to which the screen is black, no reflection of the massive UFO. My browser will not let me upload the video I made or the video from September 6th, 2016 so I am posting the link here, [Link moved to FI Section/cms/tg] mufon cms# 84069

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