The UFO Sighting was completely black and flying in a straight line Auburn Washington 9/4/16


1) I was driving in my car over to my dad's house to go hang out with him when I looked up to the left of me and saw what I thought was one of those stealth type planes but I noticed the wings/"fins" on the side of it didn't normally match the ones that I had previously seen before. They looked like they had bat like points on the ends of them (think of the bat symbol almost on a triangle/tear drop shape). Behind the black UFO was a weird, small shape that looked like it was glimmering/glittering, it was super sparkle but I wasn't able to identify it at all. 

2) The sky was a clear blue and the UFO was completely black/dark and the UFO it was either pulling or following it was shiny and reminded me of sparkle mesh netting. 

3) At first when I noticed it I thought it was one of the stealthy/army planes since I've seen those around here and there, but the wings on the side of it didn't match any of the kind I had seen before, plus the weird sparkle spider-web behind it made it seem really out of place. 

4) The UFO Sighting was completely black and flying in a straight line while "pulling" (it didn't look attached to the actual flying object, it looked like it was being pulled though) this incredibly shiny, glittery mesh that reminded me of a spider web when it gets water droplets on it and sparkles. It wasn't driving in any weird path or anything like that, it was moving completely straight as was the UFO behind it. 

5) I was mostly confused since it wasn't like anything I had seen before, it looked weird and not normal too me once I saw the weird netting behind it. I didn't feel any weird or strange feelings coming over me when I saw it, just mostly confused once again when I lost sight of it. 

6) I don't like saying "it just disappeared" because it sounds cliche, but that is exactly what it did. It was there one moment and then gone the next, the object being pulled behind it was gone as well. While at a red light I looked everywhere. Everywhere. Behind me, to the sides of me, in the air, near the road, and it was completely gone. When I reached my destination of my dad's house I looked everywhere then too but I was not able to see it again, which kind of freaked me out. MUFON CMS # 78929

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