The Real Body Snatchers Ultra Nano Technology 4416

Rainetta Jones is Targeted Individual, with multiple implants in her head, brain, body, and skeletal structure. In this 3rd part of her Bases TI Witness statement, we go further in discussing these implants, and the potential link these have with corporations such as Apple and Amazon. Other Bases witnesses have stated that the touch screen smart phone is the mechanism they are using to infuse humans with Ultra Nano Technology so these implants can invade the body, and set about constructing their nefarious implants inside of us. The Roswell "donation" was one of the so called crash retrievals where we had "Alien Tek" given to us, so we can develop our own technology. Not so, this computer technology is now becoming clear is a Trojan Horse, which will completely assimilate us as Hive Mind programmed Cyborgs. We have been tricked. Its now up to us to work out the solution, and do so faster than we have ever had to operate if Humanity and ALL LIFE here is survive. Right down to each blade of grass, and insect and bacteria... we must ACT.
The Targeted Individual series continues with the 3rd part of TI Rainetta Jones in New York, via Google, discussing her implants. The scale and intensity of ...

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